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I have a somewhat funny reflection on today’s reading. Some of you may have seen on sports news that, this weekend, a “spectator” – someone who made his living not playing the game, but driving the Zamboni as others take the ice – hopped in the net during Saturday’s NHL game and helped the Carolina Hurricanes win.

I know nothing about sports. But reading an article about the whole thing, I was struck by David’s reflection: he was totally freaked, and even let in a couple goals, until a teammate came by the net and said: “Just have fun. We don’t care if you let 10 goals in.” The make-shift goalie commented about the exchange: “That settled me right down and it was great.” (You can read more here: [](

Are we sometimes hesitant to dive into our role in what God’s doing, because we’re afraid we’ll mess it up? Perhaps just as important, do we take the time to encourage others to come as they are, to help them settle into their role in God’s grand narrative?

As Wright puts it, “Lots of people who thought they were just spectators suddenly found themselves summoned onto the field of play. As the story goes on, we find out that they…were not ready, or as fit, as they might have been. But it seems that that’s how God wanted to work.”

This one from yesterday

“The three temptations here, like most temptations, are good things that are being distorted.” (p. 10) What a helpful comment for becoming aware of the temptations that “dart across our minds”!

I am thinking of hospitality offered that we are tempted to use as manipulation or a bargaining tool. I am thinking of fruitful ministries that we strive for in the pursuit of personal success and acclaim. I am thinking of faithful service that we are inclined to do for the praise and thanks we will receive.

All good things that are distorted by our greed, pride, and self-centeredness.

Lord, have mercy.

O God, fill our minds and hearts with your guiding Word, rightly interpreted, so that we may respond like Jesus: “Get out of it, Satan!”

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