Funerals and Memorials

Funerals are an opportunity for celebrating, sanctifying, and remembering life.

Saint Andrew’s Church is dedicated to helping you during your time of loss, by supporting you and your family. We would be pleased to assist with arrangements that involve the church and its facilities.

During current vacancy period when we are temporarily without a full-time Minister, the Interim Moderator is available to answer your questions. Your first contact should be through the Church Office at 506-455-8220. In the text that follows, where you see “Minister” think “Interim Moderator.”

The Minister at Saint Andrew’s Church will help you arrange and coordinate worship service, discuss the eulogy or words of remembrance, scripture readings, music and prayers, and other aspects of the service.

At this time we welcome you to contact the church Office (506-455-8220) or the Minister for further information.

Fredericton, NB