You are invited to worship with us:

Each Sunday, we worship in the Sanctuary at 11:00am.  Coffee and conversation in the hall (or lemonade on the lawn in the summer). All are welcome to attend service.

There are activities taking place within Saint Andrew’s Church. Explore our site, consult our Facebook page,  view our FAQ page, or contact us. We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to maintain your regular offerings or otherwise make a financial contribution to our ministries, visit our Donate page. If you would like to donate using your credit card, we offer secure payment options through PayPal

Our online service is through Zoom.   Please reach out to our church office for the coordinates.

Listen to the original composition “The One They Call the King”
Welcome To Our Church (a rare video in the Choir Loft Conversations Series):



Fredericton, NB