Do you have question about us? We hope you will find the answer below. If not, call the office at 506-455-8220 or send us an email. (Links within the answers will open in a new window or tab.)

Where can I find you?

We are located at 512 Charlotte Street (between Regent and York Streets) in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Where do I park?

As a downtown church we have limited parking in our own lot behind the church, but on-street parking is available nearby along Charlotte, George, and Carleton Streets. On Sunday mornings, we also have use of lots at the PQA Building and the the Rexel (formerly Liteco) Building. (See the map and contact page for directions.) Accessible Four accessible parking spots are also available.

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When do you Worship?

We worship each Sunday at 11:00am. Previously, we sometimes worshipped at an earlier hour during summer, but we have decided to keep to a single time year-round. Special Services are held at Christmas, Easter and other times during the year. We celebrate Holy Communion (the Lord’s Supper) seven times a year.

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How should I dress?

We have no dress code at Saint Andrew’s! You will see folks in casual attire, “Sunday Best” and everything in between. We encourage you to be comfortable.

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Are your facilities wheelchair accessible?

AccessibleOur sanctuary is wheelchair accessible via a ramp to the east entrance. An accessible washroom is available at the back of the sanctuary, in the west entry.  A portable wheelchair ramp can be set up to reach the Hall and Kitchen from the Sanctuary. Four accessible parking spots are also available.

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How do you support children and youth?

We currently have no programs for children and youth.

While Baptism is available for people of all ages, as a Presbyterian congregation we welcome infants into our midst through the sacrament.

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What does Presbyterian mean?

Presbyterian is most simply a form a church government through elected sessions (local), presbyteries and synods (regional) and general assemblies (national). Sharing the Reformed Tradition with many other Protestant denominations around the world, Presbyterianism was rooted in Scotland and spread throughout the world via emigrants and missionaries. Saint Andrew’s is a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and shares beliefs, creeds and missions with over 1000 other congregations around the country. While we are proud of our Scottish roots, and enjoy the annual visit by the local Scottish heritage group, we are very multicultural group today.

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What does an Interim Moderator do?

When a minister retires or leaves, care of the congregation is assigned to an interim moderator appointed by the presbytery. The interim moderator is responsible for worship, generally pulpit supply (arranging for preaching each Sunday). The interim moderator is also responsible for moderating (chairing) the session and facilitating the search process for a new minister. The interim moderator is accountable to and reports regularly to the presbytery.

The interim moderator is not expected to replace the minister nor carry out all the duties of the minister. For example, the session, working with the interim moderator, will arrange for visitation of church members in hospital and others needing pastoral care.

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Fredericton, NB