The Prayer- The Spirit Within Us

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saint Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


Message by Rev. Bob Jones

Reader: Ron Bagnell
Vocals: Helen McKinnon

Organ: David Berry

Includes Scripture Reading: Romans 15:21-28

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The arrangements of Hymn 390, "Spirit divine, attend our prayers" (tune: "Grafenberg"... J. Cruger, from Praxis Pietatis Melica... 1647), music public domain;  Hymn 382,"Spirit of God descend upon my heart" (tune: "Morecambe"... F.C. Atkinson, music public domain; 831, "Our father who art in heaven" (tune: Pater Noster), music public domain; and Hymn 394, "Holy spirit, truth divine" (tune: "Song 13"... adapted from Orlando Gibbons), music public domain; music public domain are from The Presbyterian Church in Canada's Book of Praise (1997). ISBN 0-9699900-2-2.