Announcements June 19, 2016

Thank you to this week’s volunteers (June 19):

Offering Receivers: Grace Collrin, Angel Collrin, Nick Blom, Kimberly Astle
Counters: Andrew Ottens, Mardi Cockburn, Bill Cockburn
Scripture Reader: Jabin Zuidhof
Greeters: Avery Collin, Christina Blom
Coffee Hour: Youth & Graduate BBQ
Nursery: Jane Murray, Need a Volunteer
Church School: In worship

Next Week (June 26):

Offering Receivers: Andrew & Carol Ottens, Brian Barnes, Need a Volunteer
Counters: Andrew Ottens, Drew Speight, John White, Vickie MacLeod
Scripture Reader: Rose Carolyn Smith
Greeters: Wanda Klingbell, Hollie Craig
Coffee Hour: Need a Volunteer
Nursery: Jane Carol McEachen, Sheena Page

Nursery/Childcare will be provided during the summer months. All children up to those finishing grade 2 are invited to go to the Nursery for supervision.

Funds are available for youth from Saint Andrew’s to help cover costs of attending a Christian Summer Camp. Contact Jordan Schriver (897-0132)

Youth and Graduate Sunday 2016

Today after worship a BBQ lunch will be provided on the lawn.  Come and celebrate with us!

Congratulations to High School Graduate

  • Jonathan Loi

Congratulations to University and College Graduates

  • Alexander Turner, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, UNB

The Link – The summer edition of The Link is available this morning at the back of the sanctuary.  Please pick up your copy today and help reduce mailing costs.

After buying our house online, we arrived for the first time ever to this strange city called Fredericton, New Brunswick.  With a newborn and a toddler, we weren’t sure what to expect but promised family out West that we’d be back within two years.

Now ten years later (to the exact day!), we are finally moving back West as we had promised our family.  The fact that we stayed so long is a testament to the beautiful East Coast lifestyle but mainly to the incredibly hospitable and wonderful community and people of St Andrew’s Church.  You became family to us as you celebrated and welcomed three new babies, encouraged us in our parenting and journeyed with us through the joys and difficulties of life.  God used so many of you in such meaningful ways over the years.  Our hearts are forever grateful for how you welcomed and loved us all.

We will miss you and look forward to having any of you over to our new home in BC.

Much love, the Zuidhof Zoo
(Sarah, Aron, Jabin, Tianna, Asher, Aidyn and Kiara)
3860 Parri Road
Sorrento, BC  V0E 2W1