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Announcements April 26 2020

Greetings, all.

Now available online is Rev. Bob Jones’ April 26th message “Christ the Solid Rock”, with readings and organ music by David Berry & Amazing Grace rendered by piper Murray McEachen.
Church web site:
With continued prayers for good health, patience and faith during these times,

Message from Saint Andrew’s church treasurer:

You are also reminded that Donations can be made by credit card from the church website, or by cheque in an envelope placed in the mail slot in the hall church door, or mailed to the church –
512 Charlotte St., Fredericton, NB  E3B 1M2

Message from the Mission and Outreach Committee:

As soon as we are ‘back in business’, we can once again collect food and other items for the immediate needs of those closest to us and continue to find creative ways to get support from our church for this.
20 Blessing Bags were donated to the “Out of the Cold” at FHS (with great appreciation on their part and each one would be delivered to an individual residing there.)  5 Blessing Bags were delivered personally to individuals on the street by David and Kathie (again, with great appreciation.)  Extra items like larger shampoo bottles were delivered to FHS to add to their collective needs.
It is our understanding that the Out of the Cold Shelter is in need of (gently) used bath towels to support their growing population.  If anyone has any to donate, we are sure they would be warmly received at the High School.  They have a great system of receiving items, including security.
For information on making food and monetary donations for helping the needy of our community as a whole, go to
Dallas Davis, Clerk of Session


Holy Saturday


This is our last week of readings in our Lenten Study – Lent for Everyone by N.T. Wright

Easter: Kingdom People are part of the Easter story
Easter Day: Read Matthew 28:1-10
Easter Monday: Read Matthew 28:11-15
Easter Tuesday: Read Matthew 28:16-20
Easter Wednesday: Read Matthew 2:1-12
Easter Thursday: Read Matthew 6:25-34
Easter Friday: Read Matthew 13:1-23
Easter Saturday: Read Matthew 22:34-49

Church Services and Activities Suspended until Further Notice

Dear all,

The Session of Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has decided that as of today March 17th all activities and services at Saint Andrew’s church are suspended until further notice.

Those in our congregation must always seek to love one another. The potential for dire affects from the spreading COVID-19 virus has resulted in one time “When loving your neighbour means keeping your distance” as stated in the subheading of an opinion piece from the New York Times of March 14th (“The Christian Response to the Coronavirus: Stay Home”). Even though keeping your distance in theory could be accomplished where small numbers of people gather such as was the case when 37 or so attended the Saint Andrew’s service on March 15th, some people unthinkingly will touch pew rails, door knobs or other objects that others have touched and in turn will touch their face. Thus, although maintaining a safe distance from others, they might transfer the virus before they use hand sanitizer. Furthermore, the risk of transmission is increased because it has been determined that certain people may display no symptoms and be out and about from their time of exposure to some time longer than the 14 days it may take for symptoms of the disease to appear in vulnerable people.

Rev. Bob Jones has advised that he “would like to keep in touch by phone. He plans to call some of you to keep in touch. If anyone wants to email him you can send it on this email & he can read it.”

Session members will investigate and, if possible, arrange for access to a type of service that may be patterned after that planned by Rev. MacWilliams who announced yesterday on Facebook that St. James “will provide a live streamed service on those mornings so that we can minister to people through technology and provide opportunities to worship together as a community, albeit online. We will post information in the coming days on how to access the livestream worship opportunities.”

Sheila Black has advised that “During this time of church closure you will find on the Church Blog:

Each Saturday there will be a Lenten Study update and the readings for the upcoming week.

Each Sunday there will be a new children’s story.  At this time we will continue with the object lessons with the Resurrection Eggs

To access the blog follow this link or you can access it through our web page

Also, follow Sheila’s children’s stories and check for updates on our Facebook page—maintained by Colleen Watson—or our Twitter feed.


Dallas Davis

Clerk of Session

Notice regarding COVID-19

Jesus told his disciples, “where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” and indeed we will gather together for worship in Christ’s presence, however, the Saint Andrew’s Session has decided that until further notice we will follow the practices below:

The greeter will be at the back of the church to greet with a nod, smile and to direct people to the stacks of bulletins and location of collection plates. Offerings can be placed in the plates either on entering or on retiring from the sanctuary.

As you enter, we encourage you to find a seat, taking into account not tradition, but rather experts’ recommendations regarding “social distancing”.

For those on PAR there will be no need to collect an “offering card”, as we will receive our gifts as a retiring offering, thus further limiting interaction.

There will be no coffee hour following worship

We appreciate your understanding during these unique times and will continue to hold our community, country, and indeed all God’s children, in prayer.