Resurrection Egg – Children’s Story

We may not be meeting together but we can certainly continue on with the Resurrection Eggs Story.  This week we have….


ancient spear isolated on white background

Dark purple egg
Inside we find a spear. Two robbers were crucified with Jesus, one on each side of him. When the soldiers checked on the three men, Jesus had already died. Just to make sure though, one of the soldiers stabbed Jesus in the side with a spear. It is sad to think Jesus died in such a cruel way. But remember Jesus gave up his life because of his love for ALL sinners, even the soldiers that stabbed him.

Light blue egg
In this egg we find a fine linen cloth. After Jesus died a brave and loving man, a man who believed that Jesus was the son of God asked if he could bury Jesus. He knew he might get in trouble but he was brave and asked permission to take Jesus body. He wrapped Jesus body in a fine linen cloth and placed the body in a cave cut out of a big stone rick. He went away sad, because Jesus was dead.

Beginning tomorrow

…and each Sunday until Easter, churches around the world will be ringing their bells.  Citizens are encouraged to light a candle in their window…..JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD”.

Lenten Readings Week 5:

The Kingdom of God is present and yet to come

Sunday: Read Psalm 130
Monday: Read Matthew 24, focus on Matthew 24:15-28
Tuesday: Read Matthew 24, focus on Matthew 24:45-51
Wednesday: Read Matthew 25, focus on 25:14-30
Thursday: Read Matthew 25, focus on Matthew 25:31-46
Friday: Read Matthew 26:1-13, focus on Matthew 26:1-13
Saturday: Read Matthew 26:14-Matthew 27:66


Resurrection Egg-Children’s Story

We may not be meeting together but we can certainly continue on with the Resurrection Eggs Story.  This week we have….

Light orange Resurrection Egg– after Jesus had been whipped the soldiers took branches with thorns, twisted them into the shape of a crown, and shoved it down on Jesus’ head. Again Jesus bled. We know that because Jesus was the son of God he could have stopped the men from hurting him. But he let them continue. Do you know why? Because even though he hadn’t done anything wrong, Jesus was taking the punishment for all the wrong things that any person would ever do.

Light Green Resurrection Egg– these nails remind us that Jesus can take sad and terrible events and turn them around for good. The soldiers took Jesus to the top of a hill outside the city. Then they nailed him to a cross. There He died a few hours later. Jesus was stronger than any man. The soldiers couldn’t have killed Jesus if he had not let them. Because God loves people so much he was willing to let Jesus be punished for our sins and Jesus was willing to do what God the father asked.

Lenten Study – Week 4


”Faith is like a small window through which you can see a vast landscape, the landscape in question is the sovereign power of the creator God and the overwhelming glory of Jesus himself.

We stand at the window doing our best to wipe it clean from the condensation of our own unbelieving breath, and holding on, as we do so, to those for whom we want to pray.”  N.T. Wright – Lent for Everyone


Week 4: God is sovereign in the Kingdom
Sunday: Read Psalm 23
Monday: Read Matthew 19, focus on Matthew 19:16-26
Tuesday: Read Matthew 20, focus on Matthew 20:1-16
Wednesday: Read Matthew 21:1-22, focus on Matthew 21:1-17
Thursday: Read Matthew 21:23-46, focus on Matthew 21:33-45
Friday: Read Matthew 22, focus on Matthew 22:1-14
Saturday: Read Matthew 23, focus on 23:29-39

Church Services and Activities Suspended until Further Notice

Dear all,

The Session of Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has decided that as of today March 17th all activities and services at Saint Andrew’s church are suspended until further notice.

Those in our congregation must always seek to love one another. The potential for dire affects from the spreading COVID-19 virus has resulted in one time “When loving your neighbour means keeping your distance” as stated in the subheading of an opinion piece from the New York Times of March 14th (“The Christian Response to the Coronavirus: Stay Home”). Even though keeping your distance in theory could be accomplished where small numbers of people gather such as was the case when 37 or so attended the Saint Andrew’s service on March 15th, some people unthinkingly will touch pew rails, door knobs or other objects that others have touched and in turn will touch their face. Thus, although maintaining a safe distance from others, they might transfer the virus before they use hand sanitizer. Furthermore, the risk of transmission is increased because it has been determined that certain people may display no symptoms and be out and about from their time of exposure to some time longer than the 14 days it may take for symptoms of the disease to appear in vulnerable people.

Rev. Bob Jones has advised that he “would like to keep in touch by phone. He plans to call some of you to keep in touch. If anyone wants to email him you can send it on this email & he can read it.”

Session members will investigate and, if possible, arrange for access to a type of service that may be patterned after that planned by Rev. MacWilliams who announced yesterday on Facebook that St. James “will provide a live streamed service on those mornings so that we can minister to people through technology and provide opportunities to worship together as a community, albeit online. We will post information in the coming days on how to access the livestream worship opportunities.”

Sheila Black has advised that “During this time of church closure you will find on the Church Blog:

Each Saturday there will be a Lenten Study update and the readings for the upcoming week.

Each Sunday there will be a new children’s story.  At this time we will continue with the object lessons with the Resurrection Eggs

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Dallas Davis

Clerk of Session

Fredericton, NB