by Abigail Wortman, West Long Branch, New Jersey

On the first day of first grade, I stood by the front door with butterflies in my stomach. I voiced my biggest concern to my mother: “How will I make friends?” Crouching in front of me, she handed me advice I carry with me to this day: “Be Switzerland.” Be friends with everyone. Treat everyone equally and fairly. For all of my 20 years, I have lived by these words. Soon I will graduate and become a part of the real world. And on that first day, nervously facing new responsibilities, I know I will whisper two words to myself: “Be Switzerland.”

Children’s Story

Listen carefully to this story.
Rachel and Simon are friends in grade 5. On the bus ride home after school they watched a classmate struggling to read her homework. They laughed and whispered “she should be able to read.” Do you think what they said was true…yes probably, do you think it was kind or necessary?….no
Now again listen carefully.
Rachel and Simon are friends in grade 5. On the bus ride home after school they watched a classmate struggle to read his homework. They whispered to each other “isn’t it sad that he has trouble reading”. Do you think what they said was true…yes, do you think it was kind? …yes. But was it necessary?…no.
Okay now just one more time.

Rachel and Simon are friends in grade 5. On the bus ride home after school they watched a classmate struggle to read his homework. They put their heads together and said “he’s having trouble reading, let’s help him”.

Today I want you to remember to ask God to help you to always speak the truth and to consider…is it true…is it kind….is it necessary.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life…. AND DON’T FORGET TO PRAY.

Children’s Story

Before we began our Lenten stories, about eight weeks ago, we were talking about Godly Play. We talked about Sacred Stories and Parables. Last Sunday I talked about the sacred work we do to help us remember the stories of the Children of God (that is you and me and all people who choose to love God.)
Today I want to remind you of the FEAST that we enjoy in the classroom. I know if we were together today you would tell me that the Godly Play feast isn‘t what we would normally consider a feast. We usually think of a feast as a big dining table loaded with all sorts of delicious food and most likely some friends and family would join us.

But the “Godly Play” feast mimics our church communion. A small amount of bread and juice (or crackers and water) is all we need to remember Jesus sacrifice. The sacrifice he made, on the cross. He shed his blood, symbolized by the juice and gave up his earthly body, symbolized in the bread, so that he could take our place in death. We can live together with him for eternity.

Right now we are asked not to gather for a big feast with friends or family that live outside our home. But we can still FEAST, show Jesus we love him and that we remember his sacrifice. Today when you have a meal with those you live with, take turns serving each other and…..

Announcements April 26 2020

Greetings, all.

Now available online is Rev. Bob Jones’ April 26th message “Christ the Solid Rock”, with readings and organ music by David Berry & Amazing Grace rendered by piper Murray McEachen.
Church web site:
With continued prayers for good health, patience and faith during these times,

Message from Saint Andrew’s church treasurer:

You are also reminded that Donations can be made by credit card from the church website, or by cheque in an envelope placed in the mail slot in the hall church door, or mailed to the church –
512 Charlotte St., Fredericton, NB  E3B 1M2

Message from the Mission and Outreach Committee:

As soon as we are ‘back in business’, we can once again collect food and other items for the immediate needs of those closest to us and continue to find creative ways to get support from our church for this.
20 Blessing Bags were donated to the “Out of the Cold” at FHS (with great appreciation on their part and each one would be delivered to an individual residing there.)  5 Blessing Bags were delivered personally to individuals on the street by David and Kathie (again, with great appreciation.)  Extra items like larger shampoo bottles were delivered to FHS to add to their collective needs.
It is our understanding that the Out of the Cold Shelter is in need of (gently) used bath towels to support their growing population.  If anyone has any to donate, we are sure they would be warmly received at the High School.  They have a great system of receiving items, including security.
For information on making food and monetary donations for helping the needy of our community as a whole, go to
Dallas Davis, Clerk of Session


Fredericton, NB