Announcements January 14, 2018

Thank you to this week’s volunteers (Jan. 14)

Offering Receivers: Al & Arlene MacDonald, Mary Hossack, David Charters
Counters: Rose Carolyn Smith, Helen McKinnon Bagnell & Ron Bagnell
Scripture Reader: Ron Bagnell
Greeters: Al & Arlene MacDonald
Coffee Hour: Ardean MacKinnon-Hayward & George Hayward
Nursery: Carol McEachen & Sheena Page
Church School: Sonya Burrill, Jordan & Candace Schriver

Next week’s volunteers (Jan. 21):

Offering Receivers: Jessie Sagawa, Humphrey Akwar, Stephen MacKay, Rose Johnston
Counters: Rose Carolyn Smith, Bill Cockburn, Rebecca Jonah
Scripture Reader: Tim Blom
Greeters: Jessie Sagawa, Humphrey Akwar
Coffee Hour: Blom Family
Nursery: Cindy Cunningham, Alex Cunningham
Church School: Sonya Burrill, Jordan & Candace Schriver

Volunteer Roster – Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help in 2018. New volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.  If you are unable to serve on date(s) scheduled, please consult the roster and consider arranging a trade with someone.

POSTPONED: Jr/Sr High School Event – Due to weather conditions, the Snow Fort Building afternoon has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 20th from 3:00 to 5:00 on the front lawn of the church. Hot chocolate to follow. Please let Jordan know if you are interested.

VBS Committee – We are assembling a committee to plan for VBS 2018. If you are interested in being on that committee, please Jordan know by January 31st.

College and Career Dinner – Sunday, January 21st from 6:00 to 8:00 at Jordan and Candace’s place. Please let Jordan know if you are interested.

The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 25, following the worship service.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend as we review the past year and plan for the future.

The Fredericton Women’s Inter-Church Council – World Day of Prayer Planning Meeting on Monday, January 15,2018 at 10:00 am at Morning Gate Church. Women of all denominations of faith are encouraged to come help plan for the World Day of Prayer on March 2. On that day please join us with 170 Countries worldwide as we pray for justice and peace.

Search Committee Update:

This week Session approved the congregational profile prepared by the search committee with input from the congregation.  This week the profile will be sent to the national church office for distribution to interested individuals.  It will also be posted on Saint Andrew’s website.  We thank everyone who helped contribute to this report.

In terms of next steps, here is some information that may be helpful to you:

  • The interim moderator is responsible for making contact with possible contacts, including any follow-up needed by the search committee.
  • The search committee is responsible for reviewing profiles and interviewing candidates.  Multiple candidates will be interviewed to ensure the best fit is found.  Candidates may also be interviewed multiple times to gather adequate information and to provide candidates with the opportunity to gather information on the congregation as part of his/her discernment process too.
  • In consultation with the interim moderator, the search committee will determine which candidate will be invited to preach for the call, to participate in a service and meet with the congregation.  Efforts will be made to reach a consensus.
  • The search committee will recommend to the session that a person to be invited to preach for a call, with reasons for the choice being given. If the session agrees with the recommendation, it chooses a date for the congregation to hear and meet the candidate.  When this step takes place, more information will be given about the candidate, the candidate’s visit, what to expect, etc.
  • On behalf of the search committee, the interim moderator will seek profiles of suitable candidates from Ministry & Church Vocations (at the national church office) and circulate the profile to prospective candidates who approach her as well as other prospective ministers whose interests and preferences complement those of Saint Andrew’s.
  • Please note:  The search committee will maintain strict confidentiality at every step of the process and keep private the names of all prospective candidates until such a time a recommendation is made to – and approved by – session.  We are mindful people may suggest names or speculate on potential candidates, but the search committee and session are tasked with protecting the privacy of individuals and will not be releasing names and it is important to keep this mind as such gossip, however well-intended, might make it harder to manage expectations and be patient as the search committee does its work.
  • This next step will take time as the search committee waits for applications and conducts its due diligence.  Patience is greatly appreciated and the search committee will report back to the congregation and session regularly to keep people informed on the process (without breaking confidentiality or sharing information that may reveal the identity of candidates).

Church Membership:

If you are presently an adherent of Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and would like to become a professing member, please speak with a member of session.  Becoming a professing member is an opportunity to explore questions of faith, church, discipleship and more, as well as an opportunity to affirm your faith in a new way and deepen your commitment to the congregation and church body as a whole.  As noted at our congregational meeting in November, as a professing member you would also have the right to vote and sign the call when the time comes that a minister is invited to preach for a call here at Saint Andrew’s.  Adherents have opportunity to concur in the call, but only professing members vote.

Panel Discussion – “God’s Dream for Us: Finding Unity in Diversity”

Hosted by The Fredericton Women’s Inter-Church Council on Thursday, January 25 from 2 – 4 pm at Holy Family Church (storm date: Jan 28). Members involved in the discussion are Moderator Mary Ryan along with Gladys Lacey-House, Linda Lamont, Nancy Bauer, Dr. W. Barry Miller, Margaret Leonard, Kate Rogers, Chris McAloon, Lisa Bamford, Kay Furlong, Shirley DeMerchant and Father Monte Peters.  Free will donation to Liberty Lane.

Griefshare – Support groups at Brunswick Street Baptist Church on Thursday evenings or Friday afternoons beginning Jan 11 and 12. For more information contact the church office at 458-8348 or  Details about GriefShare can be found at:  There is no charge for this program.

Pulpit Supply:

  • January 14 – Rev. Dr. Basil Lowery
  • January 21 – Rev. Wendy MacWilliams
  • January 28 – Andrew Speight
  • February 4 – Marg Leonard
  • February 11 – Jeanne Kaye Speight
  • February 18 – Rev. Dr. Basil Lowery
  • February 25 – Rev. Wendy MacWilliams