Announcements July 15, 2018

Thank you to this week’s volunteers (July 15)

Offering Receivers: Humphrey Akwar, Jessie Sagawa, Volunteers Needed
Counters: John Astle, Brian Barnes
Scripture Reader: Rose Carolyn Smith
Greeters: Humphrey Akwar, Jessie Sagawa
Lemonade on the Lawn: Volunteer Needed
Nursery/Supervision: Jacqueline Howie Cleland, Jordan Schriver

Thank you to next week’s volunteers (July 22)

Offering Receivers: Bob & Marg Leonard, Ron Bagnell, Volunteer Needed
Counters: John Astle, Rebecca Jonah
Scripture Reader: Ron Bagnell
Greeters: Bob & Marg Leonard
Lemonade on the Lawn: Volunteer Needed
Nursery/Supervision: Volunteers Needed

Noon Hour Recital – Featuring the Lintuhtine Performance Choir with guest musician Sidney Murgatroyd. Wednesday July 18, 12:10pm-12:50pm at Saint Anne’s Chapel of Ease. Admission by freewill donation to support the music programs at Christ Church Parish Church.

Save the Date! – On August 5th come enjoy a Summer Music Concert here at Saint Andrew’s at 3pm. Reception to follow in the church hall.

Pulpit Supply:
  • July 15 – Jeanne Kaye Speight
  • July 22 – Rev. Dr. Phil Lee
  • July 29 – Marlene Phillips