Resurrection Egg – Children’s Story

We may not be meeting together but we can certainly continue on with the Resurrection Eggs Story.  This week we have….


ancient spear isolated on white background

Dark purple egg
Inside we find a spear. Two robbers were crucified with Jesus, one on each side of him. When the soldiers checked on the three men, Jesus had already died. Just to make sure though, one of the soldiers stabbed Jesus in the side with a spear. It is sad to think Jesus died in such a cruel way. But remember Jesus gave up his life because of his love for ALL sinners, even the soldiers that stabbed him.

Light blue egg
In this egg we find a fine linen cloth. After Jesus died a brave and loving man, a man who believed that Jesus was the son of God asked if he could bury Jesus. He knew he might get in trouble but he was brave and asked permission to take Jesus body. He wrapped Jesus body in a fine linen cloth and placed the body in a cave cut out of a big stone rick. He went away sad, because Jesus was dead.