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  • Dear Friends,

    I announced my retirement effective March 1, 2017, having served Saint Andrew’s congregation for twenty-five years and seven months. Our four children (Mark, Brad, Krista, Jeremy) grew up within the congregation.  They were involved with youth events as well as regular attendance at worship.  They have fond memories of life in Fredericton and within Saint Andrew’s church.  At one time Holly and I rented a 14 passenger and drove some of our youth to Toronto for a conference. Outings to Mount Carleton, Fundy National Park, baseball games, and other activities will be a a part of our memory for years to come.  Our children are now living away. Mark is in Ontario, Bradford in PEI.  Krista is in the Yukon and Jeremy lives in NS.  We have nine grandchildren we do not see often enough.

    We have accomplished much together. Many study groups have met throughout the years.  Hundreds of Baptisms, weddings, and funerals have taken place.  Times of celebration have been held. Suppers, pot luck luncheons.  So many concerts and special services within the greater Fredericton community have been meaningful and important.

    To make this decision has been difficult because I have loved being part of such a caring community.  During the past twenty five years we have been able to meet our commitments to Presbyterians Sharing, and support the relief work of Presbyterian World Service and Development.  We sent  a nine person team to the Cameroon and helped with the building of a new church. Campaigns such as Live the Vision provided financial assistance for the national church’s ministry.  This past year we supported a refugee family from Syria. We have been blessed by this ministry and their presence in the community. Other projects such as the refurbishment of the organ, the updating of the kitchen, shingling the roof are an indication of good stewardship. The property is in good repair thanks to the diligent oversight of the Board of Managers.

    We have discussed issues concerning refugees, as well as the LGBTQ community.  We try to be a welcoming and inclusive congregation. We have acknowledged the need to work closely with others in our community.  We have become, even recently, much more aware of the need to work with First Nations communities and respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report.  We have engaged youth and young families through the hiring of youth leaders.  We see ministry to youth as a vital part of the life and work of the congregation. We are thankful for the music ministry carried on throughout the years. There are those who lead our Summer Bible School program, and those who volunteer in so many different ways. We are grateful for the many volunteers who give of their time and talent. Teachers in our church school lay the foundation for learning. Holly has enjoyed being a part of the Church School program and helped in establishing and implementing new curriculum.

    The Session will work with our Presbytery in selecting an interim moderator to oversee the work of the congregation. A search committee selected by Session will be formed. The search committee will eventually recommend a candidate to preach for a call to Saint Andrew’s and serve as your minister. You will have an opportunity to meet the person both informally and at a worship service.  The congregation will make the final decision.

    On a personal note, I would like to thank you for your support and co-operation. Holly and I will continue living in New Maryland.  

    It has been a joy to serve as your minister.  

    The Reverend Douglas E. Blaikie

       1 John 4: 7-10

Advent 2015

Dear members and friends:

“Maybe, the Grinch thought, Christmas doesn’t come from a store”

When we think of beginnings and fresh starts we often think of New Years Day. Or perhaps we may think about early September and the new school year. The  Church also has its seasons and special days. The Advent season marks the beginning of a church year. This is when we hear, in a focused way, the birth narratives from the Gospels – stories of John the Baptist, heavenly announcements, and the nativity. Looking back we cannot separate the beginning from the end. The cradle and cross are bound together as they proclaim the Good News of the Messiah.

Stories and symbols of the Advent season remind us that wonder and mystery surround us. We are reminded about our understanding of God, and  us how we are to relate to others. The Apostle John, in his prologue to the Gospel, tells us that God literally “pitched his tent among us.”

During this season the church proclaims the Good News through the themes of hope, peace, joy, and love. Over the next several weeks we will have opportunity to worship and reflect, to gather for concerts or for a meal. And we will celebrate even in the midst of hardship and uncertainty. For if anything is central to the Christmas story it is that Jesus was born into a troubled world.

From the Christmas story comes a tradition of giving. And it is here we are reminded of the poverty that surrounds us. It is at this time of the year that we are again reminded of mission and outreach.

The Mission Development/Social Action Committee meets through the year to consider mission projects and respond to requests. This year a decision was made to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. They made a recommendation to Session. The Session  attempted to gauge the support found within our congregation. A pledge form was distributed and a decision made to proceed with the application. We are waiting. Waiting is part of the message of Advent. It is not a passive waiting but an active waiting. Preparations are being made.

Our prayer is the same as  one expressed in a 13th century Latin text:

Oh come, desire of nations, bind all peoples in one heart, one mind;

Bid envy, strife, and discord cease, and be thyself our source of peace.

More information will appear in the weekly Sunday bulletin. Thank you for your ongoing support of the work of our congregation.


The Reverend Douglas E. Blaikie

Anniversary Letter 2015

Dear members and friends of Saint Andrew’s congregation:

This year we celebrate the 190th anniversary of a Presbyterian presence within the city of Fredericton.  June has been designated as “Anniversary Month” and we will have a special service of worship on June 7th at 11:00 AM. The Moderator of the Atlantic Synod, the Reverend Jeff Murray, has been invited to preach. A pot-luck lunch will follow.

The Session hopes you will plan to attend as together we celebrate our heritage. Consider inviting friends and family as we give thanks for the faith and dedication of those who have influenced our lives. Many attended Sunday School, Scouts, Guides, and other programs at Saint Andrew’s. Perhaps a wedding was a significant event.

“The Church is Christ together with his people.” These words from Living Faith remind us that the church is not a building but a people. The building is where the church worships. Let us continue to build a church without boundaries; a church that welcomes and includes all people; a church that proclaims the love of God as we see it in the life of Jesus the Christ.

Let us celebrate our history and heritage as together we plan and work  for tomorrow.

Sincerely and on behalf of the Session,


Douglas Blaikie
Minister, Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
512 Charlotte St., Fredericton, N. B. E3B 1M2
(506) 455-8220