Lenten Study – Week 4


”Faith is like a small window through which you can see a vast landscape, the landscape in question is the sovereign power of the creator God and the overwhelming glory of Jesus himself.

We stand at the window doing our best to wipe it clean from the condensation of our own unbelieving breath, and holding on, as we do so, to those for whom we want to pray.”  N.T. Wright – Lent for Everyone


Week 4: God is sovereign in the Kingdom
Sunday: Read Psalm 23
Monday: Read Matthew 19, focus on Matthew 19:16-26
Tuesday: Read Matthew 20, focus on Matthew 20:1-16
Wednesday: Read Matthew 21:1-22, focus on Matthew 21:1-17
Thursday: Read Matthew 21:23-46, focus on Matthew 21:33-45
Friday: Read Matthew 22, focus on Matthew 22:1-14
Saturday: Read Matthew 23, focus on 23:29-39