Resurrection Egg-Children’s Story

We may not be meeting together but we can certainly continue on with the Resurrection Eggs Story.  This week we have….

Light orange Resurrection Egg– after Jesus had been whipped the soldiers took branches with thorns, twisted them into the shape of a crown, and shoved it down on Jesus’ head. Again Jesus bled. We know that because Jesus was the son of God he could have stopped the men from hurting him. But he let them continue. Do you know why? Because even though he hadn’t done anything wrong, Jesus was taking the punishment for all the wrong things that any person would ever do.

Light Green Resurrection Egg– these nails remind us that Jesus can take sad and terrible events and turn them around for good. The soldiers took Jesus to the top of a hill outside the city. Then they nailed him to a cross. There He died a few hours later. Jesus was stronger than any man. The soldiers couldn’t have killed Jesus if he had not let them. Because God loves people so much he was willing to let Jesus be punished for our sins and Jesus was willing to do what God the father asked.