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Resurrection Egg – Children’s Story

We may not be meeting together but we can certainly continue on with our story in the Resurrection Eggs.  This week we have……

Dark Green Resurrection Egg.

I wonder why we have a whip in one of the resurrection eggs. While Jesus was praying in the garden the people who wanted to kill him took him as their prisoner. Jesus hadn’t done anything wrong but the people who wanted to kill him were afraid of losing power. Jesus was whipped and it hurt him so much that he bled.

Yellow Resurrection Egg.

You would wonder what a rooster has to do with the Easter story. Peter was one of Jesus closest friends. He promised that no matter how dangerous it got he would always stand by Jesus. But Jesus knew that sometimes, when we are afraid or we realize we might be in danger ourselves that we forget to keep our promises. Jesus was sad to know, that before morning came and the rooster crowed, Peter would say he didn’t even know Jesus. This made Jesus and Peter very sad. And Peter was very sorry for not standing by Jesus.

Lenten Study-Week 3

Matthew 14:22-33

Did you know  that don’t be afraid is the most frequently repeated command in the whole bible?  Something we need to remind ourselves in our worrying & frantic world.    N.T. Wright, Lent for Everyone

Week 3: What does it mean to be Kingdom people
Sunday: Read Psalm 95
Monday: Read Matthew 14, focus on Matthew 14:22-33
Tuesday: Read Matthew 15:1-20, focus on Matthew 15:1-9
Wednesday: Read Matthew 15:21-38, focus on Matthew 15:21-28
Thursday: Read Matthew 16, focus on Matthew 16:21-28
Friday: Read Matthew 17, focus on Matthew 17:14-20
Saturday: Read Matthew 18, focus on Matthew 18:21-35

Lent for Everyone


Lent for Everyone Devotions

We are coming to the end of this first full week of readings.  What have you learned about The Kingdom of God?  Have you seen anything “new to you” in the scripture readings?
I pray that God will bless you with new understanding and faithfulness.
For those of you reading the daily scripture but without the book you may question tomorrow’s readings.  It seems out of place but Matthew 17:1-9 is the focus scripture for Saturday, March 7
Week 2: March 8-14  Jesus teachings in the Kingdom
Sunday: Psalm 121
Monday: Matthew 10:1-15
Tuesday: Read Matthew 10:16-42, focus on Matthew 10:16-25
Wednesday: Read Matthew 11, focus on Matthew 11:1-19
Thursday: Read Matthew 12:1-21, focus on Matthew 12:15-21
Friday: Read Matthew 12:22-50, focus on Matthew 12:27-32
Saturday: Read Matthew 13: focus on Matthew 13:31-33 & 44-46